About the Consultant

Matthew Veneklase, M.A., NPCA-certified consultant

In my work as a philosophical consultant, I help clients better understand and deal with many difficult or confusing aspects of life: Thinking more clearly about a complex and uncertain issue. Uncovering the logic behind excessive or misguided emotions. Gaining perspective on a change or transition. Finding or re-finding meaning. Becoming a better human being. Philosophy’s creative and logical methods are in many ways universal, and its ideas touch most aspects of life. Thus the list is long.

(I’m not just being poetic. Further below on this page, there really is a long list of example problems/issues/concerns for which philosophical consultation may be appropriate and useful. Take a look!)

I typically use a Logic-Based Consultation approach. I’m also open to having less structured conversations if a client wishes. And we can bring in other methods if needed, as with career-related concerns such as finding the right occupation.

I’m a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA), and certified in Logic-Based Consultation. (Here is a link to the NPCA practitioner directory, where you’ll find me listed under Ohio.) I hold a Master of Arts in Philosophy (Kent State University), and as of May 2019 a certificate in Career and Academic Advising.

In the Greater Cleveland Area, I can meet with clients in-person. Anywhere else in the US (and also in Cleveland), I can meet virtually via video-call.

Although philosophical consultation is commonly referred to as philosophical counseling, and although Logic-Based Consultation is also referred to as Logic-Based Therapy, please note that what I offer is not a mental health service, and that I am not a mental health professional.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling a meeting. There are a phone number and a contact form further below, or you can click the link in the website menu or right here: Contact!

Continue reading below to learn more about individual philosophical consulting. Then explore the rest of the site! (It should continue to grow.)

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