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Although I list my rate as “per session,” you actually get a lot more than the session. This kind of individualized, logical, creative philosophical consultation requires that I put in a lot of time outside of our face-to-face meetings. Each case is unique. My best estimate is that for every one-hour session, I typically put in three to four hours work outside the session.

Even so, it’s simplest for everyone if I charge per session. My current standard rate is $60 per each one-hour session. I may sometimes be able to reduce this for low-income clients, and I ask those who are quite well off to consider paying more. For those paying the standard rate, I also offer a $10 discount for the first session, as a sort of incentive to “take the plunge.” (Hey, I know it can be scary to do something new.)

The typical rate in the U.S., by the way, seems to be around $100 to $120 per session. I’m attempting to charge less than this since I know some of my clients are from areas where the cost of living, and hence incomes, are a bit on the lower side (for example Greater Cleveland, as well as Ohio generally).

(If I have to drive a long way to where we meet, there might be an additional charge for that, but it won’t be a surprise. We’ll discuss it beforehand. And speaking of where we meet . . . )

Location, location, location

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Pexels.com

When we meet in person (rather than virtually), we’ll typically meet and talk in a public location such as a coffer house. If you’d prefer a bit more privacy, or just a bit less potential distraction, we can use a meeting room (or “study room”) at a library. I also know of at least one coffee house which has reservable rooms.

This is fairly standard practice for philosophical consultation and philosophical counseling.